BSA Hip Hop June 2, 2022

BSA Hip Hop
92.7 / 98.3
wednesdays 7pm
J-Rocc – One
Kendrick Control Verse
Action Bronson Conway The Machine
Hank Williams – Georgia Women
Thirsten Howl III – Every Women’s Dream
Black Thought W Ahmir On the Go Freestyle
Turnstile – Sailin
Killed in Action – C.R.A.A.C.
Black Thought W Danger Mouse – No Gold Teeth
Danger Doom w Kweli – Old School
RJD2 – Salute to The Blood Bowl Legends

Jek/Zook BSA Blood Bowl piece was featured from Art Crimes.

Jek, and his then girlfriend April Schottenstein documented Columbus’ Burgeoning scene at the internet’s first home of worldwide graffiti while Jek attended Ohio State University.
These images were sent in from an Ohio State computer lab.
Jek and his girlfriend thrifted, and bumped bands like Radiohead, and Weezer while documenting Columbus, Ohio.
He wasn’t a thug. Definitely an artist who wore cardigans and glasses.


Futura mentioned Art Crimes in a 2022 Columbus Alive interview:

“Over time, graffiti began to bleed into the online world. “Graffiti eventually became a kind of photo share on a site like Art Crimes or any other photographic database that’s sharing graffiti images from around the world,” Futura said.  

Futura pioneered graffiti in New York. Futura worked with the Clash, and designed covers for MO Wax, and Skateboards for Supreme.

Futura was in our city speaking about visiting Columbus in 1984 during a post-Wild Style tour with Zephyr and others. Art Crimes was important in the wordwide discovery of graffiti. You had Wild Style, Style Wars, and Spray Can Art in the 1980’s. After that were graffiti magazines like IGT, Can Control, and OTG and then….

Once the internet was a thing, people learned about graffiti from Art Crimes.

This is a blog about media, and cultural growth.

I am writing this for 2 reasons.

1. Columbus Alive announced Friday June 3rd would be it’s last day of new content. I wrote for the Alive for awhile. Columbus Alive first found me while I was a young graffiti artist named ANON.

Alive’s editor Steven Slaybaugh asked my bestie Mahssa if I knew about music after Melissa Starker, and Slaybaugh interacted with me during a graffiti article’s interview. I occasionally published a zine called Broken Halo. Omnimix which was Bustown’s graffiti/music website I moderated.
I knew about music.

Steve chatted with Mahssa. Steven Slaybaugh found me @ Cafe Bourbon Street, and offered writing opportunities with Columbus Alive. Columbus Alive is where Wes Flexner found publishing.
Prior Wes Flexner was ANON’s zine and online nom de plume
DJ PRZM w Feast w Eclipse w Open Wound w Camu – Dangerous
KRS-One – Raw Hip Hop
A-Shid – Heavy Metal
Joey Bad A$$- Head High
Eventually, I switched to 614 Magazine, and later Other Paper.
Robert Duffy offered up cultural privilages and freedom if I would write for while I was working with Dispatch’s Alive.
He paid me @ first but donewaiting didn’t find advertisers for a second.
I didn’t pay for shows, and women loved me so cultural privileges were worth drunken explanations of running into famous people who wanted blogged.

Oliphint eventually became Donewaiting’s editor, and we both worked @ Other Paper

We didn’t call each other but at same time we were aware of each other because we wanted our paper’s and blog’s functioning in documentating our cities’ culture to be worth reading.
We knew whose attributes would be better for certain circumstances.
Oliphint was a married professional writer who liked indie rock music.
I wrote graffiti, and drank with everyone involved with everything.
In emails, we understood our roles.

Donewaiting eventually stopped because Robert Duffy had relocated. Robert was working in New York.
Other Paper went out of business so Columbus Free Press picked me up.
Columbus Free Press was Green Party’s Newspaper. I always registered green but voted democrat because I am pro-choice, and support equality for all people.
Green Party who voted Democrat seemed like the only option for someone who lived the bulk of his life as an pragmatic anarchist.
In 2022, Green Party doesn’t exist in Ohio. Free Press content aligns with Bernie Sanders, and AOC.
I voted for President Biden, Joe because he was the only option for someone whose pro-choice, and supports equality for all people

Somewhere in between, Andy Downing became Columbus Alive’s editor.
Downing worked @ the Chicago Reader, and was from Akron.
We became friends because Andy is a professional journalist, and I’ve existed.

We are remembering Columbus Alive.

Andy, and I both kinda found ourselves writing while our country was preparing for and experiencing the things that created Trump.
I liked Andy because he seemed really normal but understood music, and our cities’ political environment.
Andy Downing picked up Oliphint to write about music.

It’s fitting that Joel Oliphint’s recent Futura interview mentioned Art Crimes because Donewaiting’s Joel Oliphint and Robert Duffy kinda were stuck with Wes Flexner built himself from graffiti work as ANON during the donewaiting years.

I figured Jek’s documentation would be interesting in terms of Ohio State involvement.
Futura discussed visiting Ohio State with Zephyr 1984 in Oliphint’s Columbus Alive article.
BSA painted several Ohio State events but I will save that for later because we are discussing Columbus Alive’s writers.

I don’t think either Joel, or Robert knew my graffiti name or I was featured on Art Crimes which was part of my web presence which included Omnimix’s website that DJ Alan Greenspin, and I founded.

Oliphint knew Hip Hop was my expertise, and graffiti associates with hip hop.

Donewaitng knew my graffiti ethics. I don’t think they were worried about me writing on someone’s car or a neighbor’s garage or attacking a capital building 1-6-2021…

Oliphint’s Futura interview published in Spring 2022. I felt relieved this grown adult found artistic context after accepting he knew a graffiti writer.

While music writing requires understanding that certain individuals you write about could be involved with wild behaviors, I don’t think you want your colleagues to be criminals.

Downing and I were chummy at arena shows, as writers are seated near each other.
Arena shows are interesting perspective experiences in view of the amount of humans who listen to music.
We both know who the local bands are, and whomever you are watching reaches people that a bulk of local bands don’t.

A critic’s job involves understanding music’s context.

Last time I saw Andy was at Schottenstein’s Tyler, the Creator show.
We smiled and briefly chatted and laughed at jokes the rappers made.

Andy didn’t say he found a new place to work because Dispatch was discontinuing Alive. He was wearing a blue jean jacket and watched rap’s newest arena spectacle.

Neither of us had a female photographer with us. I could’ve used one.

While alt-weeklies aren’t exactly like a graffiti crew, writers get to know everyone who is trying to improve where they live.

Upon Columbus Alive’s ending, I feel donewaiting closure without embarrassment because Oliphint interviewed Futura, a graffiti legend whose work adorned Radiohead, and Clash music.

I love Futura and Tyler, the Creator.

Andy, and I both felt Tyler, the Creator had grown as an artist.

The Columbus Alive stopping surprised me.

We were social engineers and later drinking friends, Columbus Alive.

I didn’t give my second reason why I posted Jek’s flicks.

2. Jek designed this BSA logo for my radio show. He works professionally with a Los Angeles Creative Agency. I like he found out about the radio show, and texted me a new BSA burner he designed. I hadn’t properly thanked him…

bsa header
DJ Przm w the Foul Mouth Dux – Foul Mouth Dux
Denzel Curry w Saul Williams – Mental
J-Rawls – Trust
Tyler, The Creator – Massa

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