BSA Hip Hop 6 -16-2022

BSA Hip Hop
7pm Thursday
92.7 / 98.3
Black Thought’s Jonny P Freestyle
Black Thought w Danger Mouse w Joey Bad Ass w Russ w Dylan Cartlidge – Because
Kendrick Lamar w Dash Snow – Heart Pt. Duex
2 Pac w Buckshot and Smith n Wesson – Military Mind
2pac would support Kamala Harris because Kamalas from Oakland + a black lady whose beliefs would find an audience with Pac.
Pac would say “Vladamir Putin….hating on a black woman by charging $5 dollars for gas?
I paid over $5 dollars for my watch. Feel me. Putin we riding. Feel me.”
KRS-ONE – Knock Em Out
Pusha T – Brambleton
BDP – Build + Destroy
Common w Q- Tip Dilla Mix – Come Close Remix
We’re playing BDP’s “Build + Destroy” because KRS-1 insults Clarance Thomas.
Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginny Thomas was texting with people involved with the Capital Riots.
If the rioters thought Trump was being reinstated and the Supreme Court had their back, Capital rioters would assume Trump’s attack on the Capital would avoid punishment.
KRS also mentioned General Colin Powell.
Colin Powell was a revered General.
Biden’s director of the CIA, Willam J. Burns’ book the Back Channel details working with General Colin Powell.
Biden’s CIA director discusses while agreeing Sadam Hussien needed removed from Iraq’s government. William J. didn’t agree with Powell’s process in regards to fibbing to the American public.

The following lie isn’t from William J. Burns’ book.

I’m gonna fib real quick.

“What we are giving you are facts and conclusions based on silly intelligence,”

I am about to lie.

“Vladamir Putin is replacing Mike Pence with Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump’s VP.
Vladimir Putin thinks it’s funny that he decides who the American President and VP becomes.”

“Q’s, Proud Boys, and all-Americans regardless if you think Donald Trump followers should murder police…
do you really want Hillary Clinton to become Vice President because Putin thinks it’s funny.”.

this is the end of my lie.

General Powell would know people wouldn’t support Donald Trump if Hillary Clinton was Trump’s running mate.
Even if this lie meant eventually, he would say….”I lied about Putin replacing Mike Pence with Hillary Clinton.”
Joey Badass – Head High
Blackthought w Dangermouse – No Gold Teeth

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