Anon’s Prochoice Sixty Minutes

Saturday 11pm
92.7 / 98.3
Democrats need 60 Pro-Choice Capital Votes
Beastie Boys Bad Brains
Democrats need 60 Pro-Choice Capital Votes
BDP – Build And Destroy
Bikini Kill – I Like Fucking
Cam’ron Bobbito Stretch Armstrong Freestyle
Beck – True Love Will Find You In the End
Sarah Silverman

Wes Flexner aka Anon
OTG The Roots Freestyle
Andre 3000 – Player’s Ball Freestyle

Freaky Franz of Turnstile stays true his Legion of Doom Roots with his band supporting the women’s right to choose.

Turnstile – Sailin Bad Brains
2Pac- Brenda’s Got A Baby

I didn’t script this. A friend suggested I record my pro-choice ideas impromptu.
I hadn’t thought about some things in awhile.

I said a couple things which I find in flawed in wording:

  • I think a decision delayed car buying a few months instead of 6 months.
  • I wasn’t contacted by everyone I knew in PR about avoiding posting something.
    Music publicists didn’t create a group chat about something I didn’t post. Some involved with political public relations advised something wasn’t a good look.
  • President Joe Biden ruined an anti-abortion Supreme Court Justice Nominee in 1987. I forgot the word nominee while discussing those events.

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