BSA Hip Hop 6/30/2022
92.7 / 98.3
Aaron Hall w Notorious B.I.G. – Why You Tryin…
Action Bronson – 91
Brand Nubian – One For All
PRT – Rock This Funky….
Aaron Hall w Redman – Curiosity
Beastie Boys – Sureshot Large Professor Remix
Joey Aichs – Rope Break
Kendrick Lamar Control Verse
Beastie Boys – Car Thief
Joey Bad A$$ – Head High
Flying Lotus – You Don’t Know
Dipset – Once Upon A Time
Common – Reminding Me of Sef
Black Thought w Danger Mouse ft. Joey Bad A$$ w Russ w Dylan Cartlidge – Because
Kendrick Lamar w Sacer – The Heart pt. 2

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