ANONROCKNROLL Presents The Freakee Tales

92.7 / 98.3  7 pm Thursdays 
Turnstile – No Surprise
Turnstile – Holiday
Freaky Franz – The Freaky Tales
Souls Of Mischief – Cab Fare Instrumental
Patrick Paige – Curfew
Freaky Franz w Telephoned – Where’s Your Swag
Turnstile – Shake It Up
Turnstile – I Don’t Want To Be Blind
Turnstile – TLC
Turnstile – The Real Thing
Turnstile – Sailin
Freaky Franz – I’ma Freak
P. Black w Freaky Franz -Fuggin Widdit
Turnstile – Mystery
Snail Mail – Madonna
JPG Mafia w Denzel Curry – Bald
Camu – Camu

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