BSA Hip Hop November 24, 2022

Wes Anon
92.7 / 98.3  7pm Thursday

BSA drawing Jek BSA
Richard Fierro – Los Chicos Tristes Blend
BlackStarr At Dave Chappelle’s SNL – So Be It
United States Attractive
Black Starr are Talib Kweli w Mos Def – Brown Skin Lady Appreciation
Nastee Nas Escobar – Quincy and Michael
Danger Mouse + Black Thought – Cheat Codes
RTJ – Caminando en la nieve w. Akapellah w Apache w Pawmps Orestes w Nick Hook
Denzel Curry – Angels
Tyler, the Creator – The Election
Pusha T w Kendrick Lamar – Nosestalgia
Andrae Crouch – Away in The Manager
Andrae Crouch – Joy To the World
Andrae Crouch – Silent Night
Andrae Couch – Angels Medley
Andrae Crouch – Hark the Harold
Bill Moss + Celestials – Up In The Air

Tis the Season…

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