BSA Hip Hop Railwork 12-01-22

Wes Anon
92.7 / 98.3  7pm Thursday
Bernie Sanders stumps discussing increased railroad profits and why workers deserve sick days.
Westside Gun w Black Starr – Peppas
Saul Williams – Twice For The First Time
Foul Mouth Ducks- F the Foul Mouth Ducks
Mos Def – Mathematics
Nas – Get Light
Aesop Rock- Daylight
MC Lyte – 10 Percent Diss
RTJ – Caminando
Minority Threat – WHO
The Floor – DJ Przm ft Camu Tao

Black Star – So Be It at Dave Chapelle SNL
Congress passed legislation which gave Rail workers a 24 percent raise but only included 1 paid sick day for workers.
Railworkers’ Unions requested paid 7 sick days.
Our country averted a railroad shutdown.
I am assuming there aren’t enough rail workers is why wage increase was deemed the resolution for an impending disruption to our nation’s economy.
Perhaps the wage increase will create an incentive for a larger supply of Railworkers.
Once the amount of Railworkers increase, then Freight Unions should again demand Sick Days and safer conditions.
While it doesn’t seem safe to exhaust workers who are sick, perhaps a raise is Congress’ attempt at preventing our countries’ economy from imploding in the midst of containing various factors which affect gas prices.
In the least, Congress gave workers a 24 percent raise.
Currency – Sidewalk Show

BSA Hip Hop November 24, 2022

Wes Anon
92.7 / 98.3  7pm Thursday

BSA drawing Jek BSA
Richard Fierro – Los Chicos Tristes Blend
BlackStarr At Dave Chappelle’s SNL – So Be It
United States Attractive
Black Starr are Talib Kweli w Mos Def – Brown Skin Lady Appreciation
Nastee Nas Escobar – Quincy and Michael
Danger Mouse + Black Thought – Cheat Codes
RTJ – Caminando en la nieve w. Akapellah w Apache w Pawmps Orestes w Nick Hook
Denzel Curry – Angels
Tyler, the Creator – The Election

Pusha T w Kendrick Lamar – Nosestalgia
Andrae Crouch – Away in The Manager
Andrae Crouch – Joy To the World
Andrae Crouch – Silent Night
Andrae Couch – Angels Medley
Andrae Crouch – Hark the Harold
Bill Moss + Celestials – Up In The Air

Tis the Season…

Les Temps Mr. Buckeye November 19,2022

92.7 / 98.3  11 pm Saturday
Turnstile – Fly Again

Scribble Jam Cincinnati, Ohio
X Discordians – Filler
Lil Pump – Gucci Gang
Columbus Cincinnati Cleveland
Black Keys Your Team Is Looking Good But Ours Is Better

Scribble Jam Cincinnati, Ohio
Patrick Paige – Curfew
Wes Flexner News
James Gang – Take A Look Around
Ghost – If You Have Ghosts

James Gang – Thanks
Breeders – Safari
Downtown Columbus Joe Walsh
James Gang – Walk Away
Four Mints – Row My Boat
Ghost Face – Holla
Przm + Camu

Scribble Jam Cincinnati, Ohio

BSA Hip Hop November 17, 2022

92.7 / 98.3  7pm Thursday
Black Starr addresses Dave Chappelle’s Saturday Night Live Installment – So Be It
Ohio State Marching Band Live at Vets Aid – I-O Buckeye National Anthem
Kendrick Lamar – Yah
Dave Chappelle Suggests Kanye Should Denounce Anti-Semitism + West Should Say West Stands With Jewish Friends
BDP – Build + Destroy
Saul Williams NIN – RAW
Denzel Curry w Saul Willams – Mental
Eric B + Rakim – Casualties of War
Chubb Rock w OC w Jeru – Crooklyn 95
Pusha T – Call My Bluff
Black Thought w Dangermouse – Close 2 Famous
Tyler, The Creator – Sir Baudelaire
Erykah Badu – on and on
James Gang – Funk 49
GZA – Liquid Swords
Blakroc – Total Control
Kendrick Lamar – Control Verse

GOTH CURFEW Saturday November-12-2022

92.7 / 98.3  11 pm Saturday
Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole
Anon doesn’t pay for sex but doubts people who fuck hookers feel like raising prostitutes children.
Throbbing Gristle – Convincing People
Yves Tumor – Jackie
Jill Biden’s Save The Children Flyentology Blend
James Gang – Walk Away
Black Keys – Strange Times
Nirvana – Heart Shape Box
Breeders – Collage
Throbbing Gristle – Convincing People
Riki – Florence + Serena
Inari – Sex In Cars
Nine Inch Nails – Closer

BSA Hip Hop November 10, 2022

92.7 / 98.3  7pm Thursday

Artifacts- Wrong Side of The Tracks

Mumia Nichelle Nichols High Water Blend

21 Savage w Tyler, the Creator – Cash In, Cash Out
KRS- 1 – Knock Em Out

Jill Biden High Water Roll Save The Children Blend
Redman w Hurricane G – Darkside
Hurricane G – No More Prisons
RTJ – Caminando en la nieve w. Akapellah w Apache w Pawmps Orestes w Nick Hook
Cam’ron w Jim Jones w Jadakiss – Think Boy

Danny Brown w Absoul w Kendrick Lamar w Earl Sweatshirt – Real Doe
Action Bronson – Subzero
High Water Chomsky Cointellpro Blend
Artifacts – Art Of Graffiti

Black Thought w Danger Mouse – Close 2 Famous


92.7 / 98.3  11 pm Saturday
Joey BadAss – Save the Children
Sexee Save The Children
Mc Lyte – 10 Percent Diss
Jill Biden Discusses Save The Children
Jimmy Fallon w Dolly Parton – Is it too early for XMAS
Marvin Gaye – Save The Children
Kendrick Lamar – Control
Save The Children Top 5
Denzel Curry – Angels
Save The Children Discusses Sponsorship
The Diplomats – Killed A Man Story
Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way live from Arsenio Hall
James Gang – Midnight Man
Taylor Swift – Midnight
Save The Children Discusses Needs of American Children
Anon – Michael Moore Know Like I Know

BSA Hip Hop 11-3-2022

92.7 / 98.3  7 pm Thursdays 
3rd Bass’ DJ Richie Rich live From Arsenio Hall
Joey Bad-A$$ live from Jimmy Fallon -Show Me
Black Thought w Danger Mouse w MF Doom – Belize
De La Soul – Millie Pulled A Pistol on Santa
Anon – Michael Moore Knows Like I Know
Denzel Curry – Angels
Cam’ron w A-Trak – Killed A Man Story
art crimes
Sol Messiah w Evidence – Limit Less
Cam’ron w Jim Jones w Jadakiss – Think Boy
Jean Paul Sartre Experience – Flex
RTJ – Caminando en la nieve w. Akapellah w Apache w Pawmps Orestes \w Nick Hook
Kendrick Lamar w Pusha T – Nosestalgia
Turnstile – Sailin
Digable Planets – La Femme Fatale
art crimes