Godard’s Curfew 9-24-2022

92.7 / 98.3  11pm Sexee Saturdaze
Turnstile – No Surprise
Killed a Man Cam’ron Story
Dipset – We Built This City
Trappist – Amateur Hour
Cam’ron w A-Trak – Ghetto Prophets
Cam’ron w A-Trak – All I Wanted
Future w Pusha T w Pharrell – Dope
Patrick Paige – Curfew
Kendrick Lamar Control Verse
Paris – The Devil Made Me Do It
Anon 3CB – Michael Moore Knows Like I Know
Denzel Curry – Walkin Key Glock Remix


BSA Hip Hop Godard’s Camera September 22, 2022

92.7 / 98.3  7 pm Thursdays 
J-Rawls – Yesterday
The Clipse – Keys Open Doors

BSA Hip Hop @ Bombing Science’s @ Flicks of The Week
Pusha T – Numbers On The Boards’s-approximate-godard-eulogy
Kendrick Lamar – Savior
Chubb Rock w OC w Jeru – Crooklyn 95
Black Thought w Dangermouse – Sometimes
Bahamadia w K. Swift w Mecca Starr – 3 The Hard Way
MC Lyte – 10 percent Diss
Pusha T w Raekwon w Joell Ortiz -Tick Tock
Evidence – Limitless

Sexee Curfew 9 – 17, 2022

92.7 / 98.3  11pm Sexee Saturdaze
IDK w Pusha T – Porno
Clipse – When’s The Last Time
Cam’Ron w A-Trak – Ghetto Prophet
Sex in Cars
Clipse w Cam’ron – Popular Demand
Turnstile – No Surprise
Tyler The Creator – Lumberjack
Flying Lotus- You Don’t Know
Pusha T w Black Thought – Grindin
Black Thought w Dangermouse – Cheat Codes
Clipse w Slim Thug – Wamp Wamp Pete Rock Remix
Pusha T – Brambleton
Pusha T- Numbers on The Boards
Pusha T w Kid Cudi w Kanye West – Rock N Roll
Cam’Ron w A-Trak – Wanted
Kanye West w Cam’ron –
If I approached Cam’ron + asked:
‘Cam’ron pudding isn’t vegan.
Does Bill Cosby selling pudding look bad for pudding….
As a Vegan should I support this songs pudding reference line because it promotes veganism?
Even if you aren’t vegan….
From someone who studied marketing from the son of Malachi York.”
Would Cam’ron think this funny….
” I don’t do drugs but as a journalist ….it’s my responsibility for consumer education….
Are there vegan nasal drugs?”
Daymon Dodson – You Don’t Know

BSA RollNHop 9-15-2022

92.7 / 98.3  7 pm Thursdays 
Kendrick Lamar Control Verse

Freight: AMFO Columbus Skate Crew pbj x ANON bsa io pbj 3cb knk
Kendrick Lamar w Pusha T – Nostalgia
BDP – Bridge Is Over
Dangermouse w RTJ w Asap Rocky – Stangers
Camu – Camu
Pusha T – Untouchable
Pudgee The Phat Bastard w Lord Tariq w Notorious B.I.G. – Think B.I.G.
Pusha T- Call My Bluff
Pusha T w Tyler, the Creator – Trouble on my Mind
Public Enemy – Welcome 2 The Terradome
Clipse – Whens The Last Time…
Pusha T – Diet Coke
Pusha T w Kanye West – Money Pussy Alcohol

9-10-2022 Coast2Coast

92.7 / 98.3  11pm Sexee Saturdaze
Pink Siiffu – Cointelpro
Kendrick Lamar – Auntie Diaries
Public Enemy – Party For Your Right 2 Fight
Kendrick Lamar – Wes’ Theory

Would existence be different if I didn’t live near the Thirsty Scholar…
Jay-Z – 2022 Khalid Conversation
Jay-Z w Nipsey Hussle – What It Feel Like
Pusha T w Kanye West – Money, Pussy, Alchohol
BJORK – Atopos
RJD2 – The New Radius Anon Remix

BSA Hip Hop Sept 8, 2022

92.7 / 98.3  7 pm Thursdays 
jay-z – Hindsight Khalid conversation 2022
Ric + Morty BSA / io Wild Style intro
Evidence – Limitless
Beat Bop
KRS – One – RAW Hip Hop
Tyler, the Creator – Call Me
Pusha T – Numbers On the Board
Black Thought w Danger Mouse- Because
Kendrick Lamar Control Verse
Boulevard Connection w Company Flow – Lil Johnny Rookie Card
Aesop Rock x Homeboy Sandman – Catfish
RJD2 – Welcome 2 The New Radius ANON Remix
Homeboy Sandman – I’m Lovin it
Flying Lotus – You Don’t Know
Aesoprock -Ledgermain
Pusha T w Kanye West – M.P.A.
J-Rawls – Saturday Night

Curfew 11-03-2022 11 pm Saturday

Blakroc w RZA – Dollaz And Sense
Nas – The Genesis
Nas w Asap Rocky – Wave Gods
Nas – Halftime
Andre 3000 Player’s Ball Remix
Wild Style Ampitheater
Wu Tang – Reunited
Sol Messiah w Evidence – Limitless
Raekwon w Ghostface w Nas – Verbal Intercourse
Black Thought w Dangermouse – No Gold Teeth

Rilla PBJ w Chicago Mural Kru , Chicago, Illinois
RZA – Can You Wu – Tang
RZA- Prince Rakeem The Wu-Tang Master
Kendrick Lamar w Ghostface w Summer Walker – Purple Hearts
GZA – Liquid Swords
Gza w Ironman w Killah Priest w Rza – the 4th Chamber
The Curfew aka Coast 2 Coast aka Sexy Saturdaze
curator: Wes Anon Flexner
92.7 / 98.3  11 pm Saturdays anonrocknroll

BSA Hip Hop Thurs Sept 1, 2022

Wes Anon Flexner
92.7 / 98.3  7 pm Wednesdays anonrocnroll
BSA design by Zook / Jek

ANON BSA/ io / knk x JEK BSA x Snob tm7 x Die tlm/ BSA/ knk x Nerd BSA/ io / knk / tlm
Kendrick Lamar w Dash Snow – The Heart 2
KRS 1 – Raw Hip Hop
JRawls – Saturday Night
Sol Messiah w Evidence – Limitless
Roc Marciano w Alchemist – Elephant Man’s Bones
Kendrick Lamar w Taylor Paige- We Cry Together
Aesop Rock w Homeboy Sandman – Catfish
Black Thought w Danger Mouse w Joey Bada$$ w Russ w Dylan Cartlidge – Because
Kendrick Lamar – Savior
Aesoprock – Ledgermain
Turnstile – Sailin
Kendrick Lamar – Control

Coast2Coast 8-27-2022

Wes Anon Flexner
92.7 / 98.3  11 pm Saturdays anonrocknroll
BSA design by Zook / Jek
GZA,Ironman, Killah Priest, RZA- 4th Chamber
William Shatner – Planet Earth
Raekwon raps over Lordes Royals
BDP – Beef
Homeboy Sandman – I’m Loving It

io 2022 roll call
Tyler, the Creator – Lumberjack
RZA 1992 Song – Can You Wu-Tang
KRS 1 + Channel Live – Free Mumia
Mumia Eulogy For Nichelle Nichols
Clipse – Whens The Last Time You….

BSA Rapsprays August 25, 2022

Wes Anon Flexner
92.7 / 98.3  11 pm Saturdays anonrocknroll
BSA design by Zook / Jek
Turnstile – No Surprise
Kendrick Lamar – Saviour
Lice – Catfish
Blackthought w Dangermouse w MF Doom – Belize
RJD2 – A Salute to the Blood Bowl Legends
Aesoprock – Get Out the Car
Camu – Camu
Flying Lotus – You Don’t Know
Letter People w Camu – Dangerous
Homeboy Sandman – Loving It
Black Thought w Dangermouse w Asap Rocky w RTJ –
Tyler, The Creator – Lumberjack
Aesoprock – Ledgermain
Kendrick Lamar – Control Verse
The Katalyst – Dogon Cypher